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Straight Guys for Gay Eyes This is NOT regular straight porn. It is straight porn made for gay men. Inside you will find hot straight men having sex with women. But the camera cherishes every movement, every muscle, every drop of sweat of the man and does not focus on the woman. In fact, the woman keeps most of her clothes on. I wanted to do a straight scene just to keep the boys happy, but I didn't want to put women on my gay porn site. So I decided to create a new site that is all straight porn, but made especially for the gay viewer. Like you, I enjoy watching straight hunky men fuck women. But I always got frustrated when the camera turned away from the hot stud's body and instead showed bouncing boobs. You won't see facials on girls or any pussy eating. And you definitely won't see any girl-on-girl action inside.
Jake Cruise Sometimes I only get to watch from behind the camera. Some guys let me "play" with them a bit, touching, and sometimes sucking. Every once in a while I get lucky and get to have hardcore sex with a hot stud. But my favorite movies are the ones in which when I get to give a hard, muscular man an erotic massage, rubbing his meat until he shoots his load onto his belly. I find my friends in all sorts of places: from ads placed in local magazines, by referral, in the gym, sometimes just walking down the street.
Sean Cody It seems like the one question that everyone has about a site like this is “Where do you get the guys?” Well, they come from a variety of sources. I advertise for some, some are referred, some know each other, and some are even related. I have also had surprising success in approaching men on the street, at the beach, in the store, etc. There are straight, gay, and bisexual men on this site, but most of the guys are straight. I am an average guy who just happens to have a love for the beauty of the male form.
Amateur Straight Men AmateurStraightGuys.com is the place to get the very best in hot straight guy seduction action. Jay and I find and film regular straight guys doing things they never dreamt of – and we do it at least 3 times a week. No other site works at it as hard as we do, and nobody gets the member response we do. You'll never beleive what straight guys do to get off!
Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men Ever wonder what that cute intern at your office would look like, slowly stripping his clothes and pleasuring himself to a toe-curling orgasm… upon request? How about that college guy from your gym? Ever wonder what he does when he’s alone? When he’s with his significant other? If so, you’re insatiable like me, and you’re going to love my site! At CorbinFisher.com, you no longer have to rely on your imagination... I'll bring you two brand-new videos every week. Each video features one or more hot, young men in all their glory! Furthermore, at least one video each week will be an action video.
Squirt It! Straight men getting hard and getting off. Solo jack-off, to first time blow jobs from another guy, to straight and bi-guys getting off with a chick. All hard and totally hot men with big cocks and lots of cum. If you get off on the seduction of a straight man to perform at their most intimate for you, then you will love this site. Muscle guys, skater dudes, college men, construction workers and military men -- this site has something to please everyone.
Hard and Straight This is the original and still the best straight guy site on the net. Featuring Straight Young Studs In Their First And Only Sexual Experiences With Another Man. Brendon Marley feeds his addiction for Straight guys and captures all the hot action on video. How does he get those straight surfers, skate boys, office workers, truck drivers, athletes and hitchhikers into his waiting mouth? A video is worth a thousand words. No porn stars - all amateur. Check out the free video and photo previews.
Bait Buddys Put two hot guys together - one our straight victim, one our bait, to make a straight porn video. During their interview they're asked to strip down and work it up to make sure they can perform on camera in front of another guy. Once they're hot and horny, the producer calls the director who delivers the bad news - the porn girls showed up with their boyfriends and our boys won't be needed. With no other shoots available, being the great guys we are, we make them an offer. Double the money to do some "mild" bi-gay stuff which "no one else will see anyway". Can our producer and our bait boy convince our unsuspecting straight boy that it's no big deal to go gay for pay when you're desperate for cash?
Damien Cox Damien is the really bad boy who finds the hottest, freshest and sexiest young guys on the beaches and bi-ways of Southern Florida and brings them directly to you! Damien's guys are not pros or porn stars, they are beautiful young men having real sex, most of them for the first time in front of a camera and they can only be found on this website. These videos are absolutely wild, no holds barred, fearless sex videos! There are hot incest scenes between uncles and nephews, wild bare-back fuck scenes and amazing self suck scenes that will drive you wild! Damien does not fool around when he fools around! Over the last 3 years Damien has assembled collection of some of the hottest amateur gay sex scenes ever recorded. And he's just beginning! These scenes are raw and raunchy - real and extremely powerful.
First Time Gay Sex Found on the highways and "bi" ways of Southern California, these hot studs are lured to Bill's house with promises of beer, girls, a few bucks and a chance at a career in adult porn. For all of them, it's their first time having sex on video. For most, it's their first and only time having gay sex. Bill has been videotaping young men having gay sex for nearly 10 years and everyone of these gay amateur videos is available on First Time Gay Sex. This is an amazing library of real first time gay sex ecounters with hot guys who are a little down on their luck or who enjoy the affection of an older man who is kind to them. These gay videos are raw and amateurish and the sex is absolutely real!

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